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Our Services

We offer a range of high quality professional services to meet the ever-increasing demands within the industry. The result is a seamless service across several facets of the industry. Our business Operations comprises of the following Key areas:

  1. Trading
  2. Supply and Retailing
  3. Storage Facility
  4. Vendor Managed Inventory
  5. Marketing and Distribution

These involve local trading of bulk volume products. This is done by buying bulk product from either a major or an independent marketer and selling to consumers in bulk either to their offshore locations or onshore sites. The target markets here are basically E & P companies or EPC contractors who own and operate rigs and platforms and also have onshore sites and yards where various service jobs are carried out. Our Trading unit handles the procurement and trading of a broad range of refined products from international trading companies, and major and independent oil companies.

These products include Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Low / High Pour Fuel (LPFO & HPFO), Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK).Our leverage is our ability to optimize these activities which require proficiency at providing the best cost effective products at precise times.

Supply and Retailing:

This involves the retailing of petroleum products from storage tanks or depots to consumers via tanker trucks. We service clients ranging from industrial companies who own factories, plants and heavy duty generator sets; others are commercial concerns and filling station operators. All these activities are performed with the goal of providing safe and incident-free operations.

Storage Facility:

We have a subsisting storage lease agreement for the storage of our products with Spog Petrochemicals, a major oil and gas trading company which owns and operate 31,000 metric tons capacity tank farm at the Ibru port Complex, and a 5,000 metric tons capacity tank farm in Calabar free trade zones, Cross River State. These storage tank farms are equipped with modern facilities. Undoubtedly, this enables us stock up products, all year round and reduces our delivery lead times to the minimum. Vendor unintentionally become out of stock for products.

Marketing and Distribution:

The marketing and distribution unit is involved in the process that stems from the time the product reaches the storage facility through to delivery to the end users, which most times are bulk or retail buyers.We have access to the use of sea-going vessels and tanker trailers that we use for product haulage and delivery to our clients onshore and offshore locations, with the security of Goods-in-transit Insurance for deliveries to clients locations.

Managed Inventory:

We also engage in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) which is a means of optimizing Supply Chain performance in which our customers are responsible for maintaining our inventory levels. The customer has access to our inventory data and is responsible for generating purchase order. In this arrangement, we build a low capacity storage tank farm for customers who would monitor the product and we would supply as soon as the storage tank farm hits the re-order level.

Door To Door Diesel Delivery:

We also engage in Delivery of Diesel to our client’s doorstep at the best price with Zero delay time.We are equipped with quality facilities and infrastructures; our standing leverages boast the capacity to promptly and efficiently undertake a door to door service.Our core strength lies on our capability to supply on a spot basis efficiently to any of your locations at competitive rates and more importantly, with a minimum lead-time.

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